Santiago de Cuba


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The following specialized People-to-People tours are available in Cuba:



  • Day 1: Say hello to Cuba
  • Day 2: Old Havana, architecture and history, education
  • Day 3: Urban agriculture, Hemingway house, Cuban welcome party!
  • Day 4: Community center, vocational college, African heritage
  • Day 5: History, Arts, and a look at Cuban Society Today
  • Day 6: Amazing Las Terrazas, the natural splendor of rural Cuba
  • Day 7: Cuban music and arts day
  • Day 8: Say goodbye Cuba


An island expedition focused on people-to-people education, nature and cultural exchanges. The program is geared to naturalists, and lovers of the arts, history and architecture. The tour has a very diverse itinerary and features comfortable accommodations and tasty Cuban cuisine.

Day 1 – Say hello to Cuba

Day 2 – Getting to know Old Havana and the arts

Day 3 – Amazing Las Terrazas, the natural splendor of Cuba

Day 4 – Urban agriculture, Hemingway house

Day 5 – Wednesday: Natural Cuba, birdwatching and historic cities

Day 6 – Colonial Cuba

Day 7 – Mountain adventure and birdwatching

Day 8 – Say goodbye to Cuba

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